Our award-winning employment support services have established CASY as one the most effective and efficient nonprofit organizations across the United States.

Candidate Success Story

Stacy Bayton CASY’s Senior Executive Vice President Stacy Bayton, a Coast Guard and Marine Corps veteran, explains that programs were adapted early on after seeing firsthand the unique barriers the veteran demographic faced – including quantifying experience in the military to the civilian sector. "Veteran underemployment issues are not going away, as some predicted. In fact, the needs are continuing to increase, creating confusion and frustration for the job seeker. Our services are customized to streamline veterans through the job search process as quickly as possible, with opportunities that not only fit their qualifications and skills, but their needs as well. This is partly why our average starting salary and retention are higher. It is also why an average of 30% of the folks in our program have a job and continue to work with us in their ongoing career progression."

Veteran Success Story