Everybody wants to be personally courted, right? But, how do you set yourself up so that employers are looking for you instead of you looking for them?

Here are a few tips, to simplify your next career move.

  1. Make sure that everyone in your network, both in person and online, knows what opportunities you are looking for! I completely understand the idea of “open to all opportunities” …but the problem with that is nobody really knows what you can or want to do. It’s okay to get specific!

  2. Don't be afraid to ask if a company has a military recruiting department or at least one person trained in military recruiting. With the amount of information online and SHRM’s new Veterans at Work certification, more companies are getting educated in Veteran talent. Speaking to someone with this specialized experience can allow you to open new doors for yourself, and the company.

  3. Seek out military-specific job fairs. You can gain needed exposure as well as practice your interviewing and networking skills through these experiences. Don't expect a job offer from the event, but know that you can get tied into companies and recruiters that are specifically looking for your talent.

Recruiting is a very active phase of the employee lifecycle for employers…and from the employee’s perspective, it should be as well. Take an active part in the employee lifecycle and you will improve your overall job search experience

Written By: Meghan Michael


Meghan Michael is a retired Navy Veteran who served over 20 years on active and reserve duty. She is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy and the University of San Diego. She started her own business, HR Navigator whose primary mission is educating small businesses on the benefits of hiring veterans and creating workplaces that attract and retain the best Veteran employees.

Posted in Careers, Transition on Jun 11, 2019