Are Employers Really Fighting Over Military Job Seekers?

Or are you a quick-hire?

by Deb Kloeppel

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Yes, the economy is in an impressive upswing and, yes, corporations and small businesses alike need to hire to capacity.

I dare say, however, be very careful when an employer seems over-anxious to hire large numbers of people quickly.

Government agencies and government contractors, as well as nonprofit organizations, who win large grant and bid awards, hire quickly at times when needing to fulfill a scope of work situation. This is called “lining up qualified quick-hires”. It’s a slippery slope for Independent Contractors and employees who want long term employment.

There is a more pressing reason why quick-hires should be cautious of this practice: once the money ends, or the bid isn’t renewed or bridged, the quick hires are the first to get laid off and/or terminated.

In fact, some corporations, prime government contractors, and nonprofit organizations line up workers ahead of the contract award and nonprofit grant award, in order to provide a false image of full capacity to the paying entity. In short, they line up unpaid workers in case they are awarded monies to begin a project.

As a job seeker please do your due diligence when knowing the market cap of the corporation(s) you apply to. Ensure you visit the corporate social media platforms and website information to find out the following:

  • How they hire
  • When they hire
  • Why they hire

Never allow yourself to be a part of a mass hiring situation, when you need to be long-term. Understand the position you seek to be permanent and long lasting. Don't take a mass hiring situation over your destiny job or career progression into management and executive role, just for bigger dollars or fewer hours – unless you need to.

Stay the course with an employer who considers you long term - if you need to be long term.

Now, if you’re looking for a job to build up skill sets and fill a gap in your employment, being a quick-hire is a great course of action.

It’s important that you know this difference: Mass hiring and capacity hiring are vastly different from those organizations who hire to build capacity on a long-term basis.

Quite frankly, ask the hiring manager if the job is considered long term. The hiring manager (by law of your worker rights) has to answer that question honestly.

If corporations are fighting over Veteran Candidates to hire - ask them WHY. Ask them during the interview if the job is considered long-term.

As an employer myself, I love when applicants seeking a job on my team ask the question, "Is this job long-term?" That shows me immediate dedication and commitment to my mission.

For-profit employers feel the same way. They want their truth to be your truth. It is called corporate culture. Those candidates who display dedication from the start of the interview ALWAYS get hired.

Here's an article by Richard Sisk,, titled: "With Economy in Upswing,Employers Now Fighting to Hire Skilled Veterans."

Not sure I agree with the entire article, but I do believe it hits many good marks. You decide for yourself.

Posted in Careers on Oct 09, 2018