Our award-winning employment support services have established CASY as one the most effective and efficient nonprofit organizations across the United States.

Our Work – What We Do

Every job seeker’s needs are different. Because of this, our focus is not on just the resume or pushing job seekers through an automated search, but on what specific services each-individual needs to secure and maintain employment.

This job seeker journey follows our 4-step path to employment:

  1. Boots on the ground! CASY offers direct outreach within the military and veteran communities to identify those in need of our services.
  2. Onboarding: Job seekers or those needing employment assistance are registered into our program.
  3. Personalized employment services provided, such as:
    • baseline assessments of one’s experience and resume
    • targeted training designed around employment/career interests
    • employability skills training analyzed and mapped
    • skill training solutions provided to fill any gaps in experience
  4. Interviews! CASY qualified and job-ready applicants are connected directly to corporate and small business hiring recruiters for direct job placement – we walk them in the door!

Every action, service, communication, plus other metrics from each job seeker, are tracked inside an IBM applicant tracking and case management system designed exclusively for CASY.

This technology allows our team to report on outcomes and track diversity and other information, while analyzing our work on a regular basis to determine how we can be more successful for those we serve!