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A Third Party Audit performed by Deloitte Consultants on behalf of Call of Duty™ Endowment (CODE) proved that CASY spends 96 CENTS of every dollar on the mission of CASY. 1% of funding is spent on administrative costs.

Meet the CASY Board of Directors

Rear Admiral
Lee Metcalf

Curtis Hazel
Curtis Hazel
Corporate Secretary

Lynn Hamilton

Simone Murray

Richard Parr, Esq.

Edward Greene

Conrad Chun

Andrew Jackson
Brit. Army (Ret)

Saul Perez
Butch Giessman
A.C. "Butch" Giessman

Brigadier General
Marianne Watson,
US Army NG (Ret)

Rear Admiral
Marc Purcell,
USN (Ret)

Jason Kelley
IBM Representative

RADM Charles (Chuck) Williams
RADM Charles (Chuck) Williams, USN (ret.)
Advisor to President-Elect Trump

Stacy Bayton
Sr Executive Vice President

Rear Admiral
Dan Kloeppel,
USN (Ret)

Founder & CEO,

Deb Kloeppel
Founder &


Shawn Leonard
T2TL Advisor

John McArthur

John DiPiero
Senior Advisor

Travis Hall

Bill Warren

Alexandra Rawlings
Financial Advisor

Board Members Emeritus

Norm Bartlett

Don Ceresia
Joe Garcia
Joe Garcia

Lee Tuveson

Rick Carey

Todd Davis

2016 February 26 Semi-Annual Board Meeting

CASY and MSCCN held their semi-annual on-site Board meetings on Friday, February 26, 2016, kindly hosted by Swift Transportation at their Corporate Headquarters in Phoenix, AZ.  

2015 September 25th Board Meeting

CASY and MSCCN held their annual on-site Board meetings on Friday, September 25, 2015, generously hosted by Boeing at their St. Louis Headquarters.   Board
Back Row (l to r): Stacy Bayton; Curtis Hazel; RADM Dan Kloeppel, USN (ret.); Col Sanford Artman, USA (ret); RADM Lee Metcalf, USN (ret.).
Front Row (l to r): Conrad Chun; BG Marianne Watson, Army National Gaurd (ret.); Jennifer Quimby; Amy Rossi; Deb Kloeppel; RADM Chuck Williams, USN (ret.); Lynn Hamilton; Alexandra Rawlings.

2015 March 13th Board Meeting

The CASY Board of Directors held their Meeting at USAA's San Antonio Riverwalk offices on March 13, 2015.   Board
Back Row (l to r): Curtis Hazel; John McArthur; RDML Marc Purcell, USN (ret.); RADM Dan Kloeppel, USN (ret.); Simone Murray; Saul Perez; Richard Parr, Esq; Travis Hall.
Front Row (l to r): Erin Voirol; RADM Chuck Williams, USN (ret.); Conrad Chun; Deb Kloeppel; Lynn Hamilton, Chairperson; Stacy Bayton; Col John DiPiero, USAF (ret.).
Not pictured: RADM Lee Metcalf, USN (ret.)Todd Davis; AC "Butch" Giessman; Brigadier Andrew Jackson, Brit Army (ret.); BG Marianne Watson, Army National Guard (ret.); Edward Greene.

2014 September 12th Annual Meeting

The CASY Board of Directors held their Annual Meeting at Boeing Headquarters on September 12, 2014.   Board
Back Row (l to r): Richard Parr, Esq; Travis Hall; John McArthur; AC "Butch" Giessman; Edward Greene; RADM Dan Kloeppel, USN (ret.); Curtis Hazel; Simone Murray; RADM Lee Metcalf, USN (ret.); Rick Carey; Col John DiPiero, USAF (ret.).
Front Row (l to r): RADM Chuck Williams, USN (ret.); Deb Kloeppel; Jennifer Quimby; Conrad Chun; Amy Rossi; Erin Voirol; Stacy Bayton.
Not pictured: Brigadier Andrew Jackson, Brit Army (ret.); Saul Perez.

2014 July 16th Board Meeting

2014 Board of Directors, July 2014
From Left to right: RADM Lee Metcalf, USN (ret.), Conrad Chun, Deb Kloeppel, RADM Dan Kloeppel, USN (ret.), Lee Tuveson,
RADM Charles Williams, USN (ret.).

2013 October 11th Board Meeting

2013 Board of Directors, October 2013
From Left to right: Rick Carey, RADM Lee Metcalf, USN (ret.), Simone Murray, Lee Tuveson, RADM Dan Kloeppel, USN (ret.), Stacy Bayton, Curtis Hazel, Butch Giessman, Don Ceresia, Conrad Chun.
Also in attendance but not pictured: Deb Kloeppel, Richard Parr

2013 June 20th Board Meeting

Board of Directors, June 2013
Back Row: Rick Carey, Andrew Jackson, Shawn Leonard, Don Ceresia, Dan Kloeppel, Curtis Hazel
Front Row:
Chris Page, Deb Kloeppel, Lee Metcalf, Jolene Jefferies
Not Pictured: Edward Greene, Richard Parr, Saul Perez, Lee Tuveson

2012 October 11th Board Meeting

Back Row:  Saul Perez, Don Ceresia, Norm Bartlett, Rick Carey, Dan Kloeppel, Andrew Jackson, Edward Greene
Front Row:  Lee Metcalf, Deb Kloeppel, Stacy Bayton, Lee Tuveson, Shawn Leonard

2012 June 1st Board Meeting

Pictured from Left to Right:  Admiral Lee Metcalf (USN ret), Lee Tuveson, Don Ceresia, Deb Kloeppel, Admiral Dan Kloeppel (USN ret), Norm Bartlett
Not Pictured: Edward Greene, Richard Parr, Rick Carey