National Guard Employment Network
Outline for State National Guard Units


It is the mission of the National Guard Employment Network (NGEN) to improve National Guard force stability by improving its members’ ability to seek, obtain, and retain civilian employment after deployment. CASY-MSCCN collaborates with the National Guard Command in each state and their Employment Representatives; providing detailed records, notes, and stats for each National Guard applicant. All applicant information is privately stored under each state’s file within our secure Kenexa/IBM Talent Management Gateway Technology. Each state National Guard Command is in complete control of NGEN integration into their current employment assistance programs.

Each state Command:

 •  Decides content for the connection site.
 •  Sets program objectives and expectations.
 •  Decides how CASY-MSCCN is introduced within the National Guard community and how the CASY-MSCCN team will work with the National Guardsmen and their families.
 •  Decides what information will be passed and shared with their Guard families.
 •  Will work cooperatively with CASY-MSCCN to ensure all participants are receiving information and utilizing all program benefits and resources.

CASY-MSCCN is dedicated to giving our service members and military spouses the skills, tools, and confidence they need for a lifetime of success. We help bring financial stability to their families and communities by creating programs that help strengthen the military family. The NGEP takes a unique approach to job-readiness, as we do not rely upon unsuccessful cookie-cutter employment techniques of the past. CASY-MSCCN’s innovative approach teaches targeted measures and techniques that yield positive results; from our targeted resume program, to our Applicant ~ Recruiter Connect Program. Our programs are as unique as the people we serve, and help to improve the financial stability and quality of life for military families.

Quick Reference for National Guard Employment Network:

Training will be provided for National Guard Employment Teams in all of the United States and Territories in the use of our Talent Management Gateway/Applicant Tracking System. Technical and administrative support will be provided by CASY-MSCCN to each NG command. The NG Employment Teams will induct employers and applicants into the Gateway, maintain personable relationships with each, and talent-match applicants to jobs. NG command and Applicant support can be found through:

 •  A web portal for each NG State Command; interfaced between the existing NG website, and the CASY-MSCCN training platform, Gateway, and job portals.
 •  “Train the Trainer” segments for NG Employment Teams
 •  Advanced Skills Training (Targeting Your Resume, skills translation, interview mentorship, social networking, career mapping, Career Stepping Stones – MCCP, Entrepreneur Focus, Career Corps, etc.).
 •  Talent matching and job-placement opportunities through our corporate and small business programs, industry connected campaigns and Alliance partners.
 •  Debt Management & Financial Health Program– providing financial sustainability plans for Guard & Reserve through various stages of service and separation.

Other CASY-MSCCN Job Campaigns:

 •  Troops to Tranportation & Logistics Program (T2TL)
 •  American Jobs for America’s Heroes – placement with small business throughout the United States
 •  Work from Home Jobs Campaign – Career Stepping Stone Program
 •  Website Training and Development Campaign – web development certifications for all military-affiliated job seekers interested in pursuing a career in this industry, as well as additional training related to customer service/sales, website development and more
 •  Job Mentorship and Job Shadow Campaign – Building a Strong Future Workforce
 •  CASY-MSCCN Job Training and Placement – Medal of Hire Campaign

Measurable Outcome for the National Guard Employment Network:

Success will be measured by the total number of Military and Military affiliates successfully placed in jobs. The benchmark for program success is a six to one applicant to hire ratio. This ratio is historically based on eight years of reporting from CASY-MSCCN’s Talent Management Gateway; usage donated in-kind by Kenexa/IBM. The NGEN will accelerate the induction of National Guard Applicants through the National Guard and Yellow Ribbon’s Nation-wide network. Hire rates will also be accelerated through CASY-MSCCN proven job-placement methods. The methods used in the NGEP are expected to:

 •  Decrease unemployment amongst the National Guard and Reserve community
 •  Increase employer support of NGEN applicants
 •  Increase employment options
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