CASY is Proud to Introduce:

Female Veteran Employment Program

Female Veterans need an employment program that meets their specific needs.

Women are increasingly a larger part of the armed forces
Female veterans do not always identify as veterans and do not seek assistance under programs for Veterans – focused outreach and programs designed to meet the needs of the female veteran population are needed.
Female veterans are twice as likely to have issues re-entering the civilian job market after discharge from military service. Women veterans’ unemployment rates are a great deal higher than male veterans and civilians.
Female veterans are twice as likely to become homeless than women who never served in the military – they are one of the fastest-growing segments of the homeless veteran population.

Female Veterans can perform any job handed to them – and perform it well – yet oftentimes they have more trouble finding employment after service than male veterans.

In some cases, because of the type of work they did in the military, they struggle with how to tell employers exactly what job they performed. The underlying concern is whether the civilian recruiter will believe what is on the resume due to their gender.
They are unsure of how to explain skill sets to the civilian recruiters and if the recruiter will find their skills, experience, and training a comparable fit for qualifications in the civilian world.

CASY created an employment program dedicated to assisting female veterans in order to address the needs and concerns of these women, educate employers on these issues and needs, and facilitate placement of our women warriors!