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With so many employment initiatives out there many employers and job seekers are confused and overwhelmed; they are unsure of what programs will yield the results they need.

CASY, with their sister organization the MSCCN, have ten years of success in sourcing, preparing, talent matching and placing military, veterans, National Guard, military spouses and caregivers with our employer partners through our successful Applicant-Recruiter Connect™ program.
CASY & MSCCN, backed by a group of selfless corporations and foundations (recognized above) created OCEN – One Central Employment Network - a unified employment program for the military and veteran communities that provides employer partners with solid outcomes to meet the needs of their company and lessen the turnover they experience in their workforce while at the same time meeting the needs of our military-affiliated job seekers as we ready and place them in positions that are a match for their qualifications.
Is your company looking to hire military, veterans or military spouses? Want to learn more about OCEN, how your company can benefit from hiring military-affiliated job seekers, or how CASY can help?

Contact Erin Voirol, COO for CASY, at today to set up an appointment and learn more about how CASY can assist your company with their military and veteran hiring needs.

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While CASY is working with employer partners through our Recruiter Connect™ program our Employment Specialists are providing military and veterans with targeted employment assistance, gap skills training, skill based assessments, and support services to prepare them for hire. These services are free for our military and veterans. As a nonprofit we rely on donations and corporate funding from our military supportive employers and private donors to continue to provide these much needed services to our military and veteran communities in partnership with our branches of service, government programs, and nonprofit organizations nationwide.

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